Into the Light (feat. Rainbow Girls)

from by Daniel Steinbock



I've been dreaming of the fall all of my life
Falling in the love, fall of the sky
Then I saw in your eyes
The fade of us all into that great night
Oh why?
The fate of us all, the fade and the fall

Now I've been filling up the salt shakers of life
Shaking 'em out, all the days of our lives
Then I saw in your eyes
We've been dreaming it all, through that great night
Through that great night
The dream of us all, the dream of us all

I don't belong in this city
Stars crying at my window
All I ever see are city lights

All the lands that lay within me
Great river valleys unseen
I laughed, turned my back
I've gone to live out in the light

Oh my darling in crime, let's make babies
We'll name 'em after your old man
And your grandma's cat: Chuck and Snow
And we'll all go to Yellowstone in an old Volvo

Outer space has never been this close
So near and dear to me
But even the constellations
They keep changing
If I keep up my end of the deal
Is it enough?
Sometimes the desperation
Gets a little bit hard to keep up

And in the dancehalls tonight
We're shaking 'em out, all the days of our lives
That's what I saw in your eyes
So keep shaking me all through that great night
Just keep me shaking all through the night


from Out of Blue, released February 15, 2019
Rainbow Girls (Vanessa May, Erin Chapin, Caitlin Gowdey):
backing vocals, claps
Cooper Trail: piano, drum kit, shaker
Simon Kornelis: lead electric guitar
Matthew Mitchell: Hammond organ
John Nuhn: electric bass guitar on p.1
Erin Chapin: vocals on p.2
Nevada Sowle: electric bass guitar on p.3
Forrest VanTuyl: rhythm electric guitar on p.3
Daniel Steinbock: vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine,
claps, musique concrète


all rights reserved



Daniel Steinbock Sebastopol, California

American singer-songwriter from the San Francisco Bay.


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